Saturday, April 6, 2019

Super Hero Dress Up Day!

This term our topic has been ‘Superheroes’.
We have been learning about what makes each of us ‘super’ and special.
We have also been learning and talking about our own personal superheroes and
people that have ‘super’ qualities. To celebrate our learning, we are having a superhero
dress up day on the last day of the term (Friday 12th of April). We encourage the students
to come to school dressed as a superhero of their choice.
We are looking forward to having a ‘Super’ day with all of our ‘Super’ students.

Gumboot Friday

Oakura School supported the I Am Hope charity that are raising money to provide children with free mental health support. We raised over $400 for the charity. 

Buddy Time with Room Tawa

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Scooter Skills

We all love to scooter and after a little help from Mr Day and Mr Brown, we are all much safer on them too.

We learned about having a safe and properly fitted helmet, different stopping and slowing down techniques, the dangers we might come across on our scooter, how to safely pass people and how to cross the road and driveways safely with a scooter.

We all had a great time learning new safety skills on our scooter. 
Thank you Mr Day and Mr Brown!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

We love F.O.O.S!

stands for 
Friends Of Oakura School.

F.O.O.S fund raise throughout the school year to help support the school and the pupils. 

This term, we were very lucky to be given some money to spend on some classroom resources of our choice.

As a class, we created a brainstorm of ideas about how we could spend the money. We then voted on two of our favourite ideas and discussed the outcome of the voting. Miss Bain did some internet shopping and we received a big box of goodies in the post today. 

Check out all the cool classroom resources and games we bought with our F.O.O.S donation below.

Thank you to all the members of the F.O.O.S team and everyone in the community who has helped fund raise!

PMP (Perceptual Motor Programme) Fun!

We have been having great fun taking part in the PMP programme run by Prue Hilliam and volunteer parents. We've been using lots of interesting equipment to challenge our minds and bodies. Check out what we've been up to. Thank you to Prue and all the parents supporting this programme.

Superhero Art